Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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MP Ibrahim Shareef

Foreign Military Necessary for Maldivian Sovereignty: MP Shareef

Maldivian sovereignty can only be maintained with the presence of a foreign military, said MP Ibrahim “Mavota” Shareef (Maradhoo).
MP Mohamed “Bigey” Rasheed (Alifushi) had lodged an emergency motion at Majlis regarding the leaking of a copy of the UTF agreement between Maldives and India. The motion had called for action to be taken against the parties responsible for leaking the document.
In the proceeding debate, MP Shareef had said that Western Europe was a region far wealthier than the Maldives. However, they too had signed a co-operative military agreement with the United States. He said that it does not appear that European sovereignty was not affected by such treaties.
To keep the Indian Ocean safe, he said, it was necessary to handle the defenses of other countries within the region. This would also be necessary to maintain Maldivian sovereignty, he had said.