Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Toriq (Tom)

Motion Against Poaching in Maldivian Waters Rejected in Majlis

The motion filed to the Majlis regarding vessels caught poaching in Maldivian waters has been rejected. The motion had been submitted by MP Ahmed ‘Tom’ Thoriq (Mahibadhoo).
Although 10 MPs had voted in favour of accepting the motion, 26 voted against.
MP Thoriq had said the number of foreign vessels caught poaching in Maldivian waters, particularly in the northern region, has reached risen drastically. He added that Maldivian fishermen are facing many challenges as a result.
He stated that the government has failed to take any action against foreign vessels caught poaching in the Maldives. He said that an Indian fishing vessel caught in the Noonu atoll region had been reportedly allowed to leave the country with no legal action taken against it.
A letter sent by the Maldives Police Service to the Ministry of Fisheries had been leaked to the media recently. The letter had said that the Prosecutor General’s Office advised to not press charges against the foreign vessel. After the leak, the Police had claimed that the letter had been the result of “a miscommunication”.
There are reports that the government currently plans to allow Indian vessels to continue poaching in Maldivian waters with impunity.