Wednesday 16th Jun 2021
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Elections Commission

Speaker Nasheed’s Relative Appointed to EC Complaints Bureau

Zubair Ahmad Manik, a relative of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has been appointed to the Election Commission’s Complaints Bureau. Manik was appointed to the bureau after the Bureau’s former head, Mohamed Zahid, had resigned his position leaving an empty slot within the Bureau’s hierarchy.
Zahid had resigned his position after several parliamentarians had begun to criticise Zahid’s appointment.
Zahid had previously served as the Vice President of the Human Rights Commission. He had, however, been dismissed by the Solih administration.
Zahid had been appointed to his former position in the Elections Commission after he had received the highest marks for his nomination for the post.
Zubair Manik had previously served in the Maldives National Defence Force. He had retired from military service to pursue a career in politics. He had also previously run for Majlis on an MDP ticket.