Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Mohamed Latheef

Citizens of Addu Will Come Together to Make Addu City the No. 1 City in the Country: Latheef

All of Addu City's residents will come together to make Addu City the number 1 city in the Maldives, said Mohamed Latheef, the opposition mayoral candidate for the Addu City Council.
Speaking at an inaugural ceremony of the opposition Local Council campaign, with the slogan "Mee Magey Raajje" (lit. "This Is My Maldives"), Latheef promised that he would transform Addu City into a center of progress and development in the Maldives. He said that Addu atoll had been the economic centre of the Maldives 50 years ago, he said that Addu's airport was a gate that had been opened to the outside world. He said that those years of progress could only be revived if all citizens of Addu City were to come together.
Latheef spoke of some of his vision for Addu City. He said that Addu City should have its own university, its own resort, and he said that Addu should open up its own channels of income. He said that Addu should have commercial banks to facilitate the financing of local businesses. He said that Addu should have its own airline and a modern IT Park.
Latheef said that the talented entrepreneurs who helped build Male City and students and experts who belonged to Addu City were certainly capable of helping build Addu City.
He noted that the Addu City Council had been dominated by the MDP for the past 13 years, and he had asked what they had achieved in that time. He said that this time, the citizens of Addu would vote for change.