Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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The MDP Does Not Have Sound Policies: Dr Jameel

The Opposition Coalition’s special advisor Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has described the MDP as bereft of any sound policies, and deprived of any sound leaders.
In a tweet criticizing the government, Dr Jameel wrote that all the government was doing, under the pretext of reviving “island” values, was to gift the Maldives’ lands and resources to foreigners.
He made this tweet at a time when many people continue to criticise the government for allowing India to interfere with the domestic affairs of the Maldives.
He said that the MDP has governed for a total of five years; being Nasheed’s three years and President Solih’s two years. Even in the first administration, the MDP talked about of “Rihaakuru Pancakes, Morinda Juice factories, and Tuna Clubhouses”, he said.

After governing the country for 5 years, Dr Jameel asked if there was any progress to be seen for it. He said that the MDP does not have any sound policies.