Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Only Goal in Mayoral Race is to Solve the Problems Faced by Citizens of Malé: Dr Muizzu

The opposition PPM/PNC Coalition’s mayoral candidate for the Malé City Council, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, has said that his only objective with his efforts to become Mayor was to solve the problems faced by citizens of Malé City.
He noted that the severest problem faced by citizens was that of housing. Most of the work that had gone toward solving the problem had been done under the Yameen administration. He said that the opposition would still strive to solve these problems in future.
He said that if elected as Mayor, he would have the power to help Malé’s citizens overcome their problems. He said that with that power, the opposition’s efforts to help Malé citizens secure housing would grow stronger.
He said that in a PPM/PNC government, the first order of business would be to provide housing for the 3,000 people who had the flats allocated to them by the Yameen administration taken away from them by President Solih’s Flat Committee.
He said that this was a promise the Coalition was making on Yameen’s behalf.