Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Agreement that Allows Indian Military Presence at UTF Signed Today

An agreement regarding a Coast Guard dockyard at Uthuru Thila Falhu which permits the stationing of the Indian military at that location has been signed between the Maldives and India today. Minister of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi signed on behalf of the Maldivian government; the visiting Indian Minister of External Affairs, Dr Subramaniam Jaishankar signed on behalf of India.

According to Coast Guard Commander Colonel Mohamed Saleem, UTF will be used as a dockyard for the repair and berthing of MNDF’s vessels, and it would also be used for joint operations.

He said that other services, such as military training centre, a dive centre and recreational areas would also be developed at the harbour.

The agreement was titled “Development, Support, and the Maintenance of the Maldives National Defence Force Harbour Seapower at Uthuru Thila Falhu”. There are reports that the Coast Guard harbour at UTF would be developed, supported, and be maintained by Indian military personnel stationed there under the given pretext.