Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Ministry of Finance

MVR 161 Million Spent in Loan Repayments :Ministry of Finance

The Maldivian government has spent MVR 161.1 million in loan repayments within the first one and a half months of this year.

According to the weekly statistics published by the Ministry of Finance, the expenses of the State had reached MVR 2 billion, as of February 11. MVR 1.5 billion of that amount had gone towards recurrent expenses. Capital expenses had taken MVR 545.6 million.

The Public Sector Investment programme (PSI) had so far cost MVR 197 million.

The total amount of government revenue collected as of February 11 had been MVR 2.2 billion. MVR 1.9 billion had been collected through taxes. Non-tax revenues had amounted to MVR 261 million.

This past year's annual budget had expected a total, annual revenue of MVR 21 billion. An annual budget of MVR 34 million had been approved for 2021.