Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Maldivian People will be in Dire Straits at the End of Solih’s Term: Dr Jameel

The Maldivian people will be in dire straits by the end of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s term, said Dr Mohamed Jameel.

Adviser to the opposition PPM, and the head of former President Yameen’s legal team, Dr Mohamed Jameel said this in a tweet responding to Presidential Spokesperson Mabrouq Aziz’s comments on how a government needed two terms to achieve more.

Dr Jameel said that Mabrouq’s words demonstrated that President Solih was one of “the slowest and most dull-witted” leaders so far seen in Maldivian history.

If President Solih wished well for the people, he should begin preparing his exit plan, said Dr Jameel. He said that it would be unkind if President Solih decided on remaining a further 5 years to inflict harm on the people.