Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Malé City’s Lands will be Used to Create Opportunities for Women and Youth: Dr Muizzu

Usable plots of land in Malé City would be better utilised to provide economic opportunities for young people and women, said Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the PPM’s mayoral candidate for the Malé City Council.

Dr Mohamed Muizzu, who is the Vice President of the PPM, and had served as the Housing Minister under the previous administration, said this on an interview he gave to the “Fashama” programme, produced by Avas. Dr Muizzu said that Malé City still had spaces and lands that could be utilised for to create economic opportunities for women and young people.

The plans to properly use these spaces to create such opportunities have already been made, said Dr Muizzu. Malé City needed a leader who had the skill and vision to put these plans into action after they had been approved by the government, he said.

The proper utilisation of land in Malé could get jobs for all of the young people in the City, he said.

He mentioned that he had begun work on solving several infrastructural problems in Malé City in 2015, under the previous government. He said that the state of the roads of Malé had been terrible at the time. The roads were dark, the gutters had been clogged and had not been cleaned for a very long time, and streets had been in a state of uncleanliness and neglect after many years.

He said that he had used the budget available to him and the personnel who were already on staff to clean the streets, to install street lighting, and to clean the gutters that had remained uncleaned for the previous two years.

Under his supervision, he said, he had made sure that the the flooding of the monsoon rains would abate within 3 hours of the cessation of the rain.

Highlighting the work of the current City Council and its programmes, he said that solving the problems of the streets of Malé was difficult. He pointed out that the City Council’s inefficiency prevented them from fixing but part of a street every year or two. The City Council also did not seek to find out the peoples’ opinion in their work.

Dr Muizzu said that if elected mayor, he would build tar roads in Malé City wherever they were needed.