Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Dr Muizzu Begins Door to Door Campaign Adhering to HPA Guidelines

Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the opposition mayoral candidate for the Malé City Council and the Vice President of PPM, has begun his door-to-door campaign. Dr Muizzu’s campaign is being conducted while adhering to Health Protection Agency guidelines.
He began his campaign at 16:15 yesterday near Harrins. Speaking to the media before the campaign, Dr Muizzu said that he would be visiting the homes that had been agreed upon, and he would be taking safety measures as per HPA guidelines.
Dr Muizzu said that the primary reason for a door-to-door campaign was to hear the concerns of the people. He said that people are unhappy with how the government has been treating residents of Malé.
He said that there have been many issues over the past two years that the government has been unable to solve. As there were many issues which fell within the mandate of the Malé City Council, Dr Muizzu said that it was his responsibility to go to meet the people and listen to their concerns.
Dr Muizzu said that the chief concern of the people of Malé was housing. He said that the vows made by the government to provide homes and housing for the people had turned out to be an illusion.
He said that campaigning while adhering to the HPA’s safety measures against COVID-19 would pose some difficulties. It would prevent rallies with large crowds of people in attendance. Dr Muizzu said that he would consider virtual means of campaigning as a priority given the circumstances. He added that no more than two people enter a home during the door-to-door campaign.
“We will carry out this campaign to the best of our ability within these circumstances”, said Dr Muizzu.
He said that several citizens do call him and request for meetings with him even now. He said that he would try to listen to as many people as possible. He said that he would continue to the plight of the people even after he wins this election and become mayor of Malé City.
There are three candidates currently running for the mayoral position of the Malé City Council. They are Anas Abdus Sattar of the ruling party, MDP; Dr Mohamed Muizzu of the opposition PPM; and Alhan Fahmy, who is running independently.