Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Political appointees

Good Results of Increasing Political Appointees are Apparent: Government

The government has claimed that they see “the good results” of having more political appointments.
The President’s Spokesman, Mabrouq Aziz, disclosed the total number of political appointments as 607. Mabrouq added that such appointments were important and that the government saw “good results” from those appointments.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had pledged, on the campaign trail, to reduce the number of political appointments. However, the Solih administration’s political appointees has exceeded the previous administration in number.
When questioned about this, Mabrouq had attempted to claim that there was no problem with it. Mabrouq claimed that political appointees could be defined in different ways, and said that all employees at the President’s Office were described as political appointees in the Budget. He added that community centre staff, hospital staff, and staff at Foreign Missions were also political appointees.
Mabrouq failed to mention that the number of political appointees from the previous administration also included staff from the President’s Office, hospitals, community centres, Foreign Missions, and other places that were applicable.
The Annual Budget for 2021 has been prepared for a total of 967 political appointees.