Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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Dr Jameel Accuses President Solih of Interfering in Judiciary

The former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom remains in prison even after a physician had recommended that he be transferred to house-arrest, said Yameen’s lawyer Dr Mohamed Jameel.
Dr Jameel said this in a statement he published on Twitter regarding the departure of Ali Waheed after he had presented the Criminal Court with a physician who would testify that he had a “slipped disc”. Ali Waheed, the former Minister of Tourism, is accused of sexually assaulting employees of the Ministry of Tourism; he is also being charged with rape.
Dr Jameel had heavily criticised the government, addressing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih directly. He asked if the changes made to the Judicial Service Commission had freed it from political influences?
He accused President Solih of cronyism, claiming that his so-called “good results” would entail that people close to him got “whatever they wanted” while the former President Yameen remained in prison even when a physician had recommended that he be transferred.