Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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INS Darshak Officer Caught Urinating in Public in Kulhudhuffushi City

An Indian soldier who had been caught urinating in a public place has been apprehended and asked to apologise publicly.
An Indian naval officer, who had arrived on the INS Darshak for the hydrographic survey, had been caught urinating in public in Kulhudhuffushi.
He had been stopped and asked to apologise by the former Maldivian Consul to India, Ali Adam.
Adam had apprehended the officer, asked him to take off his mask, and asked him to apologise on video. Adam had told him that urinating in public was a crime and told him not to repeat such a thing again.
“This is Maldives”, Ali had told him in English. “You should not [urinate] everywhere!”
The Indian naval officer had first refused to remove his mask, repeating “Sorry, sir”. However, Adam had asked him to remove his mask and forced him to apologise. He threatened to make the video public on social media if he were to refuse to remove his mask.
He removed his mask and apologised. Adam had told him to tell his supervisors to provide him a place to urinate and to refrain from urinating in public.
On being asked, he had admitted that he had arrived on the INS Darshak. The vessel is an Indian survey ship that is currently undertaking a hydrographic survey in the northern atolls of the Maldives. The Ministry of Defence has refused to disclose any information about the agreement signed between the Maldives and India which allowed for the survey to be conducted.
Public urination and defecation is a huge problem in India which the Modi administration has not been able to successfully solve.