Tuesday 26th Oct 2021
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Housing is an Essential Right: Dr Muizzu

Housing is an essential right for all citizens, said Dr Mohamed Muizzu, mayoral candidate for the PPM.
The ruling government had accused Dr Muizzu of having allocated the Hiyaa flats in such a way that may lead to corruption while he had been the Minister of Housing. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, soon after his inauguration, formed a Flat Committee to investigate Dr Muizzu’s alleged corruption, and cancelled the flat assignments made during the Yameen administration.
Several people who lost their Hiyaa flat assignments live in very cramped and impoverished dwellings. NGOs such as the Commoners Friendship Union have brought the stories of these people into the public eye.
In a tweet he posted, Dr Muizzu said that all Maldivians deserved flats, and also houses, and that there was no citizen who didn’t deserve a flat.

Dr Muizzu said that housing was a human right.