Monday 17th Jun 2024
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MP Ghassan Maumoon

Govt Should Fulfill Promises Made to the People: MP Ghassan

MP Ghassan Maumoon (Th. Guraidhoo) has called upon the government to fulfill the vows that it made to the people.
MP Ghassan attached an audio recording from a speech in which he addressed protesters gathered at the "Insaafu Kobaa" (i.e. "Where is Justice?") demonstration in a tweet he posted.
In his speech, MP Ghassan said that it was Maldivians who had come out in defence of the nation, and not armed foreigners who invaded the country in the middle of the night. The people were forced to take to the streets because the MDP, "in their treachery", had not fulfilled their vows to rule justly and fairly.
"Maldivians wish for prosperity and progress", he wrote in his tweet. "Health and safety, justice and fairness. To protect the Islamic faith and national independence. Fulfill the promises that you made to the people."