Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Enough is Enough -- The People Should Speak Out Against the Govt: Dr Muizzu

Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the former Minister of Housing and current candidate for Mayorship of the Male City Council, has declared that the state of the nation was in "dire straits", and the people should come out and tell the government that "enough is enough".
Speaking at a special Council of the opposition Coalition, Dr Muizzu said that the state of the nation was "dire straits". Dr Muizzu said that not only is the number of Indian military servicepeople present in the Maldives not known at this point in time, he alleged that he had information that several thousand Indian military servicepeople were currently present in the Maldives.
He alleged that the government was keeping the former President Yameen in jail as they wanted to "keep doing all of this" with impunity. He therefore called on the people to rise up and cry out that "enough is enough". He also claimed that the work to free the former president was for the good of the nation.
Dr Muizzu alleged that the state has failed and that it was no longer possible to claim that the Maldives was an independent nation. If protecting the freedom of the country was important, then taking to the streets was necessary, he said. He also called upon PPM/PNC members to not lose hope.