Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Male' City council

Male City Council Demolishes Private Property, Owner to Press Charges

The Malé City Council has demolished one of New Port View’s walls. The Council did not seek prior permission from the owners.
The wall that was demolished formed a barrier between New Port View and the Lonuziyaaraiy Park, which had recently been opened by the government.
Zahid Rameez, the Managing Director of Strada Pvt Ltd; which owns New Port View; expressed his dismay in a tweet. The wall had been constructed at Strada’s own expense, he wrote. He claimed that Strada had not been compensated for the destruction of their private property, and he warned that he would press charges against all those responsible.
Rameez also currently serves as a PPM council-member.
Prior to this, the State Minister of the Ministry of Housing, Akram Kamaluddin, had broken the locks on New Port View and intruded the property without permission. The case has since been lodged at the Maldives Police Service.
Many believe that the dispute over New Port View, currently being battled in the courts, is being influenced and swayed by the government.