Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MDP’s Only Legacy in Addu is Ruin: Dr Jameel

Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has rebutted statements made by the Majlis Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed, claiming that an MDP mayor, and an MDP-backed Council, would “open Addu City up to the world”.
Dr Jameel said that come every election, the MDP “sings the same song”. In a tweet, he wrote that the country has become “impoverished” in the past two years, sharing a screenshot of a headline highlighting the drop of the Maldivian GDP per capita from USD 10,000 to USD 6,000.
Dr Jameel claimed that Addu City has not received any money; “nobody from Addu” has been appointed to any position. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has “appointed his family members to all the positions”.
He said that no high position in the government or the Majlis has been given to anyone from Addu. He contended that the only development to be seen in Addu City had been achieved during the Yameen administration.
The only legacy left by the MDP in Addu is ruin, he said, and a flight school financed and run by Sri Lankans.