Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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American Bibles Sent To Guraidhoo

It has come to light that Dhivehi translations of the Bible are being sent from the United States by post to guesthouses in K. Guraidhoo.
The president of the Guraidhoo council, Yameen, mentioned that while the Dhivehi translations of the Bible are being sent to Guraidhoo guesthouses, some other guesthouses had also previously received such packages. Previously-received packages had been confiscated by the Council and handed over to the Islamic Ministry, said the council-president. He said that he did not know if any steps had been taken with regards to the bibles.
He said that the bibles received by post today would be handed over to the Ministry soon.
Bringing in materials and tokens of religions other than Islam, and using those items to prosletyze these religions is illegal under Maldivian law.