Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Hospital staffs asked to contribute to fund dinner for VP and Health Minister

The employees of Ga.Villingili hospital has been asked to pay a fee to arrange the dinner for Vice President Faisal Naseem and Health Minister Ahmed Naseem who are scheduled to visit the island on 27th December to mark national unity day.
A message sent to the employees by the management of the hospital stated that the hospital would be arranging dinner for the delegation of the Vice President and Health Minister. The message also asked all the employees to contribute 300 rufiyaa for the event.
Speaking to Dhiyares a senior official of the President’s office stated that these types of expenses are normally borne by the President’s office. The official also stated that the matter is being resolved by the president’s office.
While the Villingili Hospital is arranging a dinner for the delegation, recent guidelines by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) states that such arrangements should not be made during functions. Although HPA has announced several guidelines, several cases of government elites flaunting these guidelines have surfaced.