Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Maldivian Airlines Welcomes Fourth ATR Aircraft to Their Fleet

Maldivian Airlines proudly welcomed its fourth ATR aircraft today at Velana International Airport. The arrival was marked by a ceremonial event attended by Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohammed Ameen and Minister of Cities, Local Governance, and Public Works Adam Shareef Umar.
The latest addition underscores Maldivian Airlines' commitment to modernization and expansion in the aviation sector. Amidst a celebratory atmosphere, the ATR aircraft touched down at 5:10 pm local time.
Addressing the attendees, Minister Ameen highlighted the occasion as a pivotal moment for both the aviation industry and the nation at large. He reiterated the government's steadfast efforts towards fostering advancements within Maldivian Airlines, envisioning flights to distant destinations by the end of this year.
Echoing sentiments of enthusiasm, Alexandro Luzi, Managing Director of Eastern Support, a subsidiary of ATR, expressed delight at the collaboration with the Maldivian aviation landscape.
Looking ahead, Maldivian Airlines unveiled ambitious plans to further augment its fleet with the procurement of additional ATR aircraft. Managing Director Ibrahim Iyas disclosed that three more aircraft have been slated for acquisition, with two expected to join the ranks by December this year, signaling a proactive stride towards operational expansion.