Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Previous Government Negligently Awarded Water & Sewerage Works to Fenaka Despite Their Lack of Capacity: Minister Dr. Muththalib

Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr. Abdullah Muththalib has said that the previous government was highly negligent in the manner they allocated projects to Fenaka despite their lack of capacity to carry out those projects. They deliberately neglected the people of the islands that needed the proposed water and sewerage systems, he said.
Minister Dr. Muththalib's remarks come after MDP President, and former Foreign Minister, Abdullah Shahid criticized the government for stopping development projects started by the previous government.
In the video, Shahid said that no development projects started by the previous government are being carried out in M. Rathmandhoo. He cited the sewerage project started by the previous government as an example. The project has been stopped by this government, he alleged.
The Rathmandhoo water and sewerage project was awarded in January of 2022. It is one of 15 water and sewerage projects worth a total of 3.7 billion MVR awarded to Fenaka by the previous government.

According to the then National Planning Ministry, only 19.18 percent of the water and sewerage projects in Rathmandhoo have been completed in six years, since the beginning of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration.

Completion of water and sewerage projects awarded to Fenaka in six years:
  • 1- Th. Madifushi Water System: 31.05%
  • 2- T. Dhiyamigili Water System: 34.94%
  • 3- L. Kunahandhoo Water and Sewerage: 4.34%
  • 4- A.Dh. Fenfushi Water System: 14.0%
  • 5- Sh. Noomaraa Water and Sewerage: 1.68%
  • 6- Sh. Bilaffehi Water and Sewerage: 3.59%
  • 7- N. Magoodhoo Water and Sewerage: 3.72%
  • 8- N. Miladhoo Water System: 5.91%
  • 9- N. Landhoo Water System: 5.78%
  • 10- B. Kudarikilu Water and Sewerage: 1.97%
  • 11- B. Fulhadhoo Water and Sewerage: 3.67%
  • 12- B. Fehendhoo Water and Sewerage: 4.42%
  • 13- B. Dhonfanu Water and Sewerage: 2.79%
  • 14- M. Naalaafushi Water and Sewerage: 9.63%
  • 15- M. Rathmandhoo Water and Sewerage: 19.18%
In a tweet on the issue, Minister Muththalib said the water and sewerage project in Rathmandhoo was stopped by the last government. Only 26 percent of the work has been done two years after the signing.

Further, the Minister said that the last government had neglected to provide basic water and sewerage services to the residents of the islands by entrusting the company to set up water and sewerage systems in several villages despite the lack of capacity of Fenaka to implement such projects.

Out of the 15 sewerage projects awarded to Fenaka, 10 projects have not been completed within 10 years.