Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Kuwait Fund

Kuwait Fund Withdrew Funding for Hospital Construction Due to Actions of Previous Government

The previous government of Maldives had signed an agreement with the Kuwait Fund for the construction of hospitals in various islands throughout Maldives. However, the Fund decided to halt payments due to a violation in the rules of the agreement by the previous government, Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Khaleel said.
Member of Parliament Mohamed Shifau posed a question to the Health Minister about the construction of hospitals in some islands, as had been started by the previous government. Replying to the question about the delay in the construction of the hospitals, Dr. Khaleel said the projects were delayed due to the decision of the Kuwait Fund not to provide the funding required.
The previous government signed agreements with various parties on March 15th, 2023 to build hospitals in seven islands with the assistance of the Kuwait Fund. The agreement was signed to complete the projects within 540 days.
Islands previously scheduled to receive hospitals via Kuwait Fund:
  • H.Dh. Hanimaadhoo
  • Sh. Milandhoo
  • N. Velidhoo
  • K. Thulusdhoo
  • A.Dh. Maamigili
  • V. Felidhoo
  • T. Vilufushi
Minister Dr. Khaleel was asked by Velidhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq about the progress of the hospital. The minister said the Kuwait Fund had stopped sending funds. However, the current government is working to recover the funds, he said.

"As you said, the previous government had allocated to build a 30-bed hospital in Velidhoo. The Kuwait Fund was trying to get funding. However, the funding stopped due to various reasons," Dr. Khaleel said.

"We are working, however, to get the money back from the Kuwait Fund or to continue the projects through another source," he said.

The previous government decided to carry out the works within the state budget due to lack of funds from the Kuwait Fund. However, the budgeted amounts for these projects are less than the advance money required to implement the projects, he said.

Further, responding to a question by Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef, the minister said international funds such as the Kuwait Fund are required to follow certain rules in spending their funds.

"Mainly international funding agencies are required to procure within a rule set by the agencies. There are certain rules. After assessment, it is sent to the agencies by Maldives. I am informed that the Kuwait Fund has stopped funding because the previous government had wanted to conduct procurement in a certain way. Therefore, I am informed that [the payment was stopped] because it went against the rules of the Kuwait Fund,” the minister said.