Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Corruption Cases of Former Management of Fenaka Being Filed With ACC

Managing Director of Fenaka, Muaz Mohamed Rasheed, said in a meeting with the people of B. Kendhoo, that the management of the company is working to send all relevant information to the Anti=Corruption Commission regarding the illicit activity of the Fenaka management appointed by the previous government.
Muaz said the previous government had spent 117 million MVR in 2023 on transportation alone. Every year, an average of 100 million MVR had been spent on transportation alone, he said.
“Services were procured illegally, at a high price from businesses. So, this way the company went bankrupt and is in a debt of 4.3 billion MVR,” he said. Most of it is owed to STO, as Fenaka owes 2 billion MVR to the company, he said.
“We are being told that the credit of 2 billion MVR has now expired. STO will also be in trouble. Since 2019, STO has not been paid the money,” he said, adding that he is working to pay the money.
In this regard, Muaz added that the previous government had spent 22 million MVR to build the Madaveli=Hoandedhdhoo CPS, but it was only a “hole dug”. The 22 million was spent on paying salaries in various names, simply doing as they pleased with no benefit to the people, he said.
“We have gathered enough information to send all these things to the ACC. Hopefully, I will send all these cases to the ACC soon.”
Muaz said the previous government's actions through Fenaka were a huge betrayal of the people.