Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Election Bill Back On Agenda for Today’s Parliamentary Session

The Parliament will discuss the amendment to the Elections Act today, after the President’s Office sent the bill back without approval. The bill seeks to push elections past the end of Ramadan.
The 2024 Parliamentary Elections are scheduled for the 17th of March, which is set to be the 7th day of Ramadan. The parliament has passed a bill to amend the Elections Act, which, if enacted, would see a ban on elections being held during the month of Ramadan, instead being held 10 days after the end of the holy month.
Now that the matter is back in Parliament, it was put on the agenda for the session for 1 pm today.
The President’s Office told Dhiyares that the bill was sent back to parliament without approval due to legal concerns.
Article 79(g) of the Constitution stipulates that all matters relating to the election of the new Parliament must be completed 30 days before the expiry of the term of the existing Parliament.
Article 75 of the Constitution clearly states that MPs should act in the interest of the country and there is a possibility that the change in the date of the elections may be considered as self-serving, as some of the incumbent MPs are contesting the upcoming elections.