Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Army and Police Salaries to be Increased From Next Month

The President has decided to increase the salaries of the police and army from March.
Responding to questions from the public at the "Aha" forum last night, the President stated that increasing the salaries of policemen and those serving in the MNDF is among his presidential promises.
This announcement came alongside the President’s discussion of various other development projects and initiatives in the country.
The President said that various housing projects will be started in Malé City and other parts of the country this year.
The President said that 150 of the 161 promises in the 14 Week Roadmap have been fulfilled and more than 80% of the work for the remaining promises has been completed.
He also discussed various topics such as strengthening and expanding the economy, reducing debt, giving special priority to the disabled through government policies, establishing a special area or center to facilitate artists, and providing university education opportunities through a medium and long term plan.
These answers came after questions from members of the public who attended the forum.