Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Help Line Launched for Those Affected By Mental Illness

A helpline was launched to support those affected by mental illness by Sports Minister Abdullah Rafiu at a ceremony held at the Health Ministry. The helpline number is 1677.
The helpline is a 24-hour number that aims to provide services to people of all ages who are suffering from mental conditions or difficulties. The helpline will provide mental health first aid, problem-solving assistance, information, and referrals to relevant services.
Health Minister Khaleel also addressed the ceremony. Minister Khaleel said the helpline will be available to anyone living in any part of the country. The aim will be to make the phone line the first line of assistance for those in need, and trusted by those suffering from mental illnesses, he said.
In addition, Minister Khaleel said that young people are among those suffering from mental illness and this will affect the productivity of the country. Therefore, the Minister urged the youth and those suffering from mental illness to make use of the helpline.
Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Rafiu said that providing first aid to those suffering from mental illness would be a hope for those suffering from mental illness to overcome it. The helpline will provide further relief to the mentally ill, he said.
The minister said that various helplines have already been set up for different situations.
There are already various help lines in the country for various situations. The Ministry of Social and Family Development, the Police, and the Ministry of Education are also providing similar services. These services have been available for roughly 3 years.
Sports Minister Rafiu
One in five people in Maldives is suffering from symptoms of depression, according to the 2022 STEP survey. One in 20 people has life-threatening thoughts, including those involving suicide, the study found.