Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Eco-Tourism Can Be Expanded, Which Will Increase Tourist Arrivals: Minister Faisal

Eco-tourism can be expanded in Maldives, and it will increase the number of tourists coming to the country, Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has said.
Minister Faisal said this at a special ceremony to launch the eco-tourism framework on Monday. He said that eco-tourism is a sector that can be expanded in Maldives as more and more people are preferring to travel in the most environmentally friendly way.
The minister said that this is the most opportune time to expand and diversify the tourism sector in the country.
This is the time to expand and diversify the tourism sector in Maldives. The eco-tourism project will be a strong step in this direction. The government's promise includes an eco-tourism project. It shows President Dr. Muizzu’s far-sightedness and strong policy making capabilities.
Tourism Minister Faisal
Environment Minister Thoriq also addressed the ceremony on Monday and said that there are currently 90 environmentally protected areas in Maldives, but only three of these areas are managed properly, which includes the biospheres in Addu and Fuvahmulah.

The Eco Tourism Framework, launched on Monday, will list areas with special environmental characteristics in Maldives, and facilitate tourist access to these places.