Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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HARIM Signs Agreement With Commonwealth To Create Young Entrepreneurs

Hotels & Resorts Investments Maldives (HARIM) and the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) have signed an agreement to help create new young entrepreneurs in Maldives.
The agreement was signed at a ceremony held at Bandos Maldives yesterday in honor of CWEIC Chairman Lord Jonathan Marland. The agreement was signed on behalf of HARIM by its Chief Strategy Officer, Mohamed Jasim Janah.
Under the agreement between HARIM and the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, a range of assistance will be provided to create young entrepreneurs under the age of 35.
In addition, the agreement will provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs from 56 Commonwealth countries to establish and run businesses in Maldives.
The ceremony was attended by the President’s Principal Advisor on Trade and Investment, Mohamed Ali Janah. The ceremony was also attended by several government ministers and more than 100 Maldivian businessmen.