Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Government Announces 4 Major Projects for Addu to Bring Prosperity to the People

The president stated that the 4 major projects announced by the government when implemented, will bring unprecedented prosperity to the people of Addu city.
He said this while addressing a meeting with the people of Hulhudhoo in Addu today.
As part of the developments, an agreement was signed today between the Government of Maldives and The Arab Contractors of Egypt to prepare the necessary studies and designs for the construction of the bridge connecting Addu and Hithadhoo.
Regarding the work of the Addu Bridge, the President said that the work is not done for honor. He said the most important purpose of the bridge is economic development.
Referring to the Industrial Revolution in Britain and France, the President said that the revolution was brought about by doing the basic infrastructure work for the people. The construction of roads, canals, and transportation networks were the reasons for the revolution, he said.
"There has been no major transformational change in the world except through the establishment of transportation infrastructure. Malé is showing it. The city is seeing the big change that came from connecting Malé and Hulhumalé with a bridge.
The Addu Bridge Project will help to convert the Gan International Airport into a strong international airport, along with the establishment at least 6,000 new tourist beds in Addu as part of the coastal tourism project, and the establishment of a seaplane hub, he said.
The President said the development projects in Addu are all interconnected. The Addu airport should be developed to promote increased tourism to the region. The seaplane hub is an important initiative to increase tourism and convenience for tourists in the four southern atolls, he said.
He added that his government is doing everything it set out to do in the first 14 weeks of his administration.
The President said he was confident that the people would give their full cooperation to the government to achieve these goals. The President said the most important thing the people can do to cooperate with the government at the moment is to help the government win the majority in the next parliamentary elections.