Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Ministry of Tourism

Government Launches Environmentally Friendly Eco-Tourism Project

The Ministry of Tourism has decided to launch an environmentally friendly eco-tourism project as part of its efforts to promote Maldives’ tourism industry.
The project, which is part of the government's Week 14 roadmap, is being implemented with the assistance of USAID, the ministry said in a statement. The Ministry of Tourism will hold a special ceremony to inaugurate the project tonight.
Under the project, eco-tourism will be implemented by listing places with special environmental characteristics in Maldives. The project also includes measuring tourism services according to an environmentally friendly standard.
The ministry said the project will map special zones across the country and formulate specific policies to promote eco-tourism.
“The inclusion of eco-tourism in the country’s tourism industry, which is based on natural beauty, will make the country a leading destination in the field of eco-conscious travel, an international trend,” the statement said.
In addition to eco-tourism, sports, medical, cultural and education tourism will be introduced to diversify tourism in Maldives.