Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Every MDP Government Has Been Negligent to Health Systems: Minister Khaleel

The health system has been plunged into a huge pit by the end of the last five years of MDP rule, Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Khaleel said.
In a post on social media platform X, he said this is what happens every time the MDP comes to power, and that a leader who truly wants the best for the people would not drag the health system into such disrepair.
The health service buildings were not being repaired and many of them had collapsed roofs or ceilings, he said. The machinery in hospitals and health centers was also left in a damaged state, instead of being repaired, the minister said in his post.
Some basic medicines are out of stock in some health facilities, and some services have come to a standstill, he said, adding that the bleak health situation is visible from the smallest populated island to Dharumavantha Hospital.
The previous government used the 25-story hospital, Dharumavantha, as an asset and raised an additional $100 million (1.5 billion MVR) from the securities sold abroad.