Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Welfare

Land for Cat Shelter Handed to City Council

The land for the construction of a cat shelter for street cats has been handed over to the City Council.
The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare awarded the contract to the Male City Council on the 25th of last month. The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the city council have signed an agreement to allocate 5,000 square feet of land for this purpose.
The land for the cat shelter has now been handed over to the council. The cat shelter to be built on this land will include a cat café, a veterinary clinic and a cat shop where the public can spend time with the cats.
A cat shelter in the city area is a presidential promise. It is also part of the work planned to be done during the first 100 days of the government. This is a necessary step in cleaning up the roads in the capital, as the previous governments have neglected the growing number of stray animals – particularly cats – roaming the streets.