Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Minister Zameer Urges Development of Buruni Despite Previous Government Neglect

Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer has said that the island of Buruni should be developed, despite previous governments neglecting it.
Zameer said this during the President’s visit to the islands of Kolhumadulu. He is a native of Th. Buruni.
In his speech at the village, President Dr. Muizzu thanked the people for sharing their priorities with the government through the council.
Zameer said people have always believed that Buruni is a small village and that there is nothing that needs to be done for it.
The minister further noted that the people of the island will not leave, and the people in that island are some of the most helpful people in addressing the issues facing Kolhumadulu atoll. He said the 2004 tsunami caused severe damage to the village, but the people of Buruni worked together to rebuild the it.
Zameer said previous governments had not made significant efforts to introduce tourism in Kolhumadulu. However, he noted that tourism is now developing in the atolls through the efforts of the people of Buruni.
The President's assurance that he would provide the necessary facilities to the people of Buruni is a great satisfaction for the people of the village, he said.
Buruni has a great history and the story of Dhonhiyala and Alifulhu belongs to the village. Zameer said the village is suitable for introducing cultural tourism.