Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Hydroponics Systems to be Installed in Thulhaadhoo

A hydroponics system is being established in Thulhaadhoo, along with a training program to teach local farmers how to use the system.
The hydroponics system, and the related training program, was officially launched by the State Minister for Agriculture, Hussain Ismail at a ceremony held yesterday.
The Ministry of Agriculture said that under the program, 10 farmers in Thulhaadhoo will be provided with hydroponics systems with the assistance of the Ministry. The program will also include training in hydroponics.
Hydroponics will be established and each farmer will be provided with a system for growing lettuce, cucumber and melon.
The systems for planting lettuce will produce 12 kg each and the systems for growing cucumber and melon will produce 65 kg each.
The Ministry of Agriculture has been working on introducing hydroponic farming in rural areas since last year to facilitate farming in vacant land.
A program to introduce hydroponic farming systems was launched in November last year, with systems having already been set up in A.A. Maalhos.