Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Three Ministers Rejected by MDP Re-Appointed

The opposition MDP and The Democrats Party rejected Attorney General Ahmed Usham, Islamic Affairs Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, and Housing and Urban Planning Minister Dr. Ali Haidar.
The three were not approved, forcing them out of the cabinet, but the President decided to re-appoint them to their posts. The three were re-appointed as ministers by Supreme Court Justice Al-Ustaz Husnu Suoodh at a ceremony at the President’s Office today.
Now that the ministers have been re-appointed, a vote must be held in Parliament within seven days to approve or deny the ministers once again.
The MDP parliamentary majority voted against four ministers, however three members voted in favor of Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Saeed, which allowed him to be approved. The MDP and Democrats have not explained why they did not approve the ministers. Many people also note that the ministers are capable and adequate for the work entrusted to them.