Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Families of Israeli Prisoners Enter the Legislature to Protest

Families of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas have entered the Israeli parliament to protest.
People entered the parliament and disrupted the session. They said their purpose was to urge the parliament and government to do more to free the prisoners held by Hamas.
Before entering the parliament building, members of the prisoners' families shouted words of condemnation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government in front of the building, and called for his resignation.
The disruption of a parliamentary session shows the dissatisfaction of the families of the prisoners and the general public with the actions of the Netanyahu government.
Their biggest concern is the lack of strong efforts by the government of Netanyahu to free the prisoners. They believe that Netanyahu is taking away the opportunities to free the prisoners, going as far as to say that the government is openly obstructing it.
Netanyahu's open rejection of Hamas' conditions for the release of the prisoners has been seen as unacceptable by the families of the prisoners.