Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Tourists from China Outnumber Indian Arrivals

In the first three weeks of this year, the number of tourists from China outnumbered India.
According to statistics released by the Tourism Ministry yesterday, 128,548 tourists visited Maldives from the beginning of this year to Tuesday. This is an 11 percent increase over the same period last year.
According to statistics, the greatest number of tourist arrivals has been from Russia this year so far. Arrivals from the country have reached 14,495, with Italy in close second with 13,965 arrivals.
The United Kingdom was third, with 10,689 arrivals, with China close behind with 10,113 arrivals.
India, which was the top tourist market last year, is now fifth on the list. So far this year, 9,744 tourists have arrived from the country.
The decline in Indian tourist arrivals comes as relations between the two countries have deteriorated and Indian film stars and politicians have called for a boycott of Maldives.
However, the boycott campaign by India has not changed the number of tourists coming to Maldives from India, according to a study last week by the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO).
The number of tourists arriving in Maldives from China has increased in the first three weeks of this year.
President Dr. Muizzu said in a press statement after his first visit to China earlier this month, that discussions were held during the visit to increase the number of tourists coming to Maldives from China.
China was the largest tourist destination in Maldives before the pandemic, but the number fell sharply during the pandemic. The President said in a press statement that the number of Chinese tourists arriving in Maldives is now twice as high as before the outbreak.
The increase in arrivals has already been felt with the resumption of direct flights from Hong Kong to Maldives. This growth is only set to continue as direct flights from Xiamen begin early next month through Xiamen Airlines.
In addition to making China the top market for tourism instead of India, the government is also working to reduce Maldives’ dependence on India for medical treatment and staple foods.