Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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China Maldives relations

Implementation of China-Maldives Agreements Already Begun: Minister Haiyan

Sun Haiyan, Deputy Minister of the International Liaison Department of the ruling Communist Party of China, said that the implementation of the agreements signed during President Mohamed Muizzu’s first visit to China has already begun.
Haiyan, who is on a visit to Maldives at the invitation of Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer, said China had no intention of waiting long for the implementation of bilateral agreements.
Haiyan also noted that some of the agreements between China and Maldives have already begun to be implemented, adding that direct flights between Hong Kong and Maldives have now begun, and as agreed, other cities will also start direct flights to Maldives very soon, she said.
Haiyan added that she visited Mahibadhoo and donated some equipment to the Island under the smart projects agreed to be implemented in Malé and the Atolls under China's grant assistance. Many such projects will soon be implemented in more islands, she said.
Haiyan said the relationship between the Chinese people and the Maldivian people will continue to strengthen and the number of tourists coming to Maldives from China will increase. Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer said the number of tourists coming to Maldives from China is increasing after President Dr. Muizzu's visit to China.
She further said that the investment forum held in China during the President's visit has attracted Chinese private businesses to invest in Maldives. She stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Maldives and China and maintaining political stability in Maldives.
Referring to China's foreign policy, Haiyan said China will treat other countries as equal partners and will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. She said China will look at the needs of the countries they are providing aid to, and offer assistance based on the requirements of the country and the need they have. Haiyan said China's efforts in Maldives are according to the national interests of the Maldives.