Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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New Air Ambulance Service Will End Patient Transport Delays: Khaleel

The introduction of the new air ambulance service on the 1st of March will solve the problem of delays in transporting patients in need of emergency evacuation, Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Khaleel said.
In a post on X, Khaleel said that the delay in taking critically ill patients to a tertiary level hospital, for various reasons, has been a long-standing problem.
Health Minister Abdullah Khaleel discusses the new ambulance service.
He said that President Dr. Muizzu has been working to solve the problem since the first day he took office.

The introduction of the new air ambulance service has been a presidential promise since Dr. Muizzu’s campaign for the presidency. The President announced that the national airline will convert a Dash aircraft into an ambulance and start providing air ambulance services from March

The President said he intends to expand the service to the extent that patients can be taken directly from Maldives to Thailand in the future.

Despite India’s repeated insistence that the Indian-operated Dornier aircraft and helicopters in Maldives are used to transport the majority of patients, according to Defense Minister Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon, from 2021 onwards, 93 per cent of emergency evacuations were done through the national airline.

The previous government had requested to use the Dornier aircraft and helicopters to transport patients in some emergency situations, but the vehicles remained unused due to lack of permission from India to do so.