Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Maldives Inspired "India Out" Campaign in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has launched an anti-India campaign inspired by the “India Out” campaign launched when the PPM/PNC coalition was the opposition to the previous regime. The movement sought to achieve the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives.
The ruling Awami League in Bangladesh is friendly with India, and the opposition party has attempted to align with Pakistan against India, citing Indian interference in local elections and national affairs.
The campaign is being led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), founded by former President Ziaur Rahman and now in opposition. The campaign was reportedly launched by BNP acting chairman, Ziaur Rahman's son, Tarique Rahman. He is convicted of money laundering and terrorism, as he has been held responsible for the 2004 grenade attack on leaders of the Awami League, allegations which he has refuted as politically motivated accusations.
The BNP has launched the movement, which some Indian media have said is aimed at reviving the party after its decline in popularity and defeat in the last elections to the Awami League.
Indian TV reported that BNP activists have started calling for a boycott of Indian products on social media platforms as part of the Bangladeshi opposition's movement. In addition, the BNP has moved away from India and established relations with Pakistan.
"India has never been a friend of Bangladesh," a BNP activist said in a post on X.
In a post on X, a BNP activist said that India labels anyone who criticizes or boycotts India as Islamic extremists while India is a 'hotspot' for Hindu extremists.
"That's what India has been doing in the region for a long time," he said.
Meanwhile, a Bangladeshi commentator said India plays a major role in maintaining the current Sheikh Hasina regime in Bangladesh and rigging the elections. He also accused India of trying to control Bangladesh's foreign and domestic policies as much as possible.