Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Israel attacks Jordanian hospital in Gaza

The Jordanian military says Israeli strikes have damaged the hospital building in the Khan Yunus refugee camp in Gaza.
The Jordanian military said in a statement that a hospital employee was injured in the Israeli attack and will be taken to Jordan for further treatment. The statement also said that some of the bombs hit the body of a man who was being treated in a hospital.
"The hospital has suffered heavy damage. The [Jordanian] government will take appropriate measures in response to the attack," the statement said, without giving any further details of Jordan's response to the attacks.
The Israeli government and military have not yet commented on the attack.
The hospital is one of two military hospitals operated by the Jordanian military in Gaza. Medical services in Gaza have been severely undermined by Israel's aggressive attacks and massacres since Hamas fighters crossed the Israeli border on October 7th.
Jordan has been providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza through two hospitals. Jordan is also urging Israel to make room for more humanitarian aid.
Jordan has negotiated with Israel to ease the difficulties in importing aid from the Rafah border and has opened another route for humanitarian aid to Gaza through the country.