Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Iran Launches Strike on Mossad Regional Headquarters

Iran has stated that they launched air strikes on the headquarters of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad in Iraq. The attacks targeted a building in Erbil, the capital of northern Iraq's Kurdistan region, however other buildings in the area were affected and caused casualties among the local Kurdish population, including a prominent Kurdish businessman with ties to the Kurdistan’s regime. Iran said the attacks were carried out by its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
The army said it had targeted ISIS targets in Syria, as well as Erbil. The attack came after bombings, claimed by the Islamic State, killed about 100 people in Iran earlier this month. In addition to this, senior commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Army operating in Syria have recently been killed by Israeli air strikes, which prompted the strikes in Erbil.
Iran also highlighted the Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank as a reason for targeting Israeli intelligence. Armed groups operating in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, have also been involved in the conflict.
"Ballistic missile attacks on the headquarters of the Israeli intelligence agency in Kurdistan region of Iraq were carried out in retaliation for the killing of its commanders. And, in retaliation for Zionist attacks on groups in the Axis of Resistance," the Revolutionary Guards said.