Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

China Grants Maldives $130 Million Aid Boost for Development Projects

In the wake of President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu's state visit to China, a significant development has been ushered in for the Maldives with China committing to a $130 million grant. This announcement, made during the President's press conference upon his return, outlines a substantial aid package that will be channeled into diverse development projects across the island nation.
The agreements, which were a result of the President's recent state visit, are expected to transform the economic landscape of the Maldives. The fisheries sector is set to benefit from a new fish processing factory, aimed at broadening the sector's capacity. In parallel, the agreements include initiatives for disaster risk reduction, fostering a digital economy, promoting green development, and enhancing the public service media of the Maldives.
A significant educational initiative was also announced, with China providing scholarships for 1000 Maldivian civil servants to be realized over the next five years. This move is part of a larger economic development agreement that also focuses on the agricultural sector for food security and the vital tourism sector.
Infrastructure development is also a key focus, with the Chinese aid set to fund the refurbishment of streets in Male city, development of housing units in Rasmale, enhancements to Velana International Airport, and the creation of a commercial axis in Hulhumale.
President Muizzu's press conference post-state visit highlighted the strategic partnerships and their alignment with Maldives' aspirations for development and self-sufficiency. The Maldivian government is poised to use the Chinese grant to enact lasting improvements that will bolster the nation's growth and the well-being of its populace.