Monday 17th Jun 2024
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China Maldives relations

Historic Agreements Reached between China and Maldives

As a result of the meeting between the high level delegations of China and Maldives on Wednesday, the bilateral ties between the two countries have been improved through agreements on strategic, cooperative partnerships.
President Dr. Muizzu is the first foreign leader to visit China in 2024, on invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. During their talks, the leaders decided on increasing cooperation and exchange in a variety of fields to create a collaborative future for the two countries.
A significant development has been the commitment to involving Maldives in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. President Xi has stated that this move will create greater opportunities for cooperation in areas such as economy and trade, investment, agriculture, green economy, digital economy and blue economy. He also noted the importance of marine ecosystem protection.
Another point of further collaboration is the increase of people-to-people exchanges, where Xi has encouraged a larger number of Maldivian students to come to China for higher studies, and more direct flights between Maldives and China.
China has affirmed their support for development towards the implementation of the goals set at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, along with the full achievement of aims of the Paris Agreement.
Dr. Muizzu stated that Maldives lends their full support to the one-China policy, noting that Maldives and her people have significantly benefitted from previous collaboration between the two countries, notably the Belt and Road cooperation.
The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge was a historic project that came as a result of Maldives cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative of China. Dr. Muizzu has expressed his hope that developmental projects such as this can be achieved to bring greater prosperity to the people of both nations.
Upon the conclusion of the bilateral discussions, the two presidents witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding which highlighted the plans for collaboration between the two nations. These include strengthening business relationships, professional development, social, economic and technological sectors.

Agreements signed with China today:
  • Action Plan on China Maldives Cooperative Partnership Agreement
  • MoU on Exchange on Cooperation on Economic Development Policy, Belt and Road Cooperation and Digital Economic Cooperation and Blue Partnership
  • MoU on Green and Low Carbon Development and MoU on Blue Economic Cooperation
  • MoU on Disaster Risk Reduction and Investment on Green Development
  • MoU on Technical Cooperation and Exit of Plant and Animals/ Investment on Digital Economy
  • MoU on Agricultural Corporation, MoU on Lab Equipments and MoU on Human Resource Development
  • MoU on Tourism Corporation/ Social Housing
  • MoU on News Corporation/ Exchange of Letters on Coconut Pest Control
  • MoU on Media Cooperation