Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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President Muizzu Commits to Disclosing Official Travel Expenses

In an unprecedented move heralding a new era of transparency, President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu has taken a significant step forward by committing to the proactive disclosure of the expenses incurred during official trips. This announcement comes as a refreshing change in governance, particularly on the 2nd of December 2023, when the decision was made public by the President's Office.
President Muizzu, who was sworn into office on the 17th of November 2023, has acted swiftly to fulfill a key campaign promise. By ensuring that the expenses of official trips are disclosed within 15 days after the trip concludes, President Muizzu is setting a new standard of openness in government operations.
This decision marks a stark contrast to the practices of the previous administration under President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, which often shrouded presidential travel expenses in secrecy. The previous government's reluctance to share such information even led to legal battles extending to the Supreme Court of the Maldives, in efforts to keep certain details under wraps.
Citizens and transparency advocates have welcomed President Muizzu's approach as a breath of fresh air and a move towards a more accountable and transparent government. This act is seen as the first of many steps President Muizzu is expected to take to ensure an open administration, thus fostering trust and engagement with the Maldivian public.