Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu Urges Action at COP28

In a stirring address at COP28, the United Nations climate conference held in Dubai, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, the newly elected President of the Maldives, emphasized the urgent need for global cooperation to combat climate change and protect the future of his nation and the world.
Assuming office just 15 days ago, President Muizzu's speech marked a critical moment for the Maldives, a nation grappling with the imminent threats posed by climate change. He vowed to prioritize the nation's interests and prosperity, acknowledging the challenges that lie beyond the control of his small island nation, with climate change being a prominent concern.
The President outlined key expectations for the conference:
Commitment to the 1.5-Degree Pathway: The President stressed the importance of the Global Stocktake adhering to a plan aligned with the Paris Agreement. This plan must be equitable and rooted in the best available science, guiding nations towards more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
Bridging the Climate Finance Gap: Dr. Muizzu highlighted the persistent issue of inadequate climate finance. He called for new, sufficient, and predictable funding for climate action, emphasizing adaptation and the need for a major overhaul of the global financial architecture to accelerate accessibility and revise assessment criteria.
Loss and Damage Fund: The President expressed his appreciation for the operationalization of the Loss and Damage Fund, thanking the UAE and other contributing nations. He underscored the significance of this fund for island nations like the Maldives, where natural resources are integral to the economy and way of life.
President Muizzu also announced ambitious national goals, including increasing the country’s renewable energy capacity to cover thirty-three percent of its electricity demand within five years, a significant leap from the current four percent. This objective necessitates raising at least 600 million dollars, for which he sought international support.
Additionally, he pledged to initiate a project to plant one million trees across the Maldives, emphasizing the project's importance in building the resilience of the islands.
In a personal reflection, President Muizzu likened his responsibilities as a father, leader, and global citizen, urging the international community to ensure that the conference's deliberations lead to tangible outcomes. His speech resonated with a call to action for the sake of future generations, highlighting the need for concrete steps to secure a brighter future for the planet.