Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Maldives Parliament Passes Resolution Urging Ban on Israeli Citizens in Solidarity with Palestine

In a unanimous decision, the Maldivian Parliament has passed a resolution condemning Israel's recent attacks on Gaza, emphasizing the need for immediate action to address the escalating crisis. The resolution, moved by Saud Hussain, MP for Villingili, on the 14th of last month, reflects the strong stance taken by the Maldives in response to what is widely perceived as unwarranted aggression against Palestinians.
During the debate, numerous members expressed their concerns over the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, with many calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Members emphasized that the Maldives should take proactive measures to support Palestine in the face of what they consider acts of terrorism by Israel.
One significant aspect of the resolution is the call to ban Israeli citizens from entering the Maldives. Additionally, the resolution advocates for the cessation of importing all products produced and exported from Israel, signaling a comprehensive stance against the nation. This move underscores the gravity with which the Maldivian Parliament views the situation and its commitment to taking tangible actions in support of Palestine.
Furthermore, the resolution appeals to the international community to condemn Israel's actions, stressing the importance of ensuring human rights for the Palestinian people. The Maldivian Parliament aims to use its voice on the global stage by expressing its position on the matter and urging the international community to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
As the Maldives takes a firm stand in solidarity with Palestine, the resolution signifies a commitment to advocating for justice and peace in the region. The ban on Israeli citizens entering the Maldives and the halt on imports from the country are bold steps that demonstrate the nation's dedication to standing up against what it perceives as acts of injustice.