Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Fenaka Corporation Staff Sacked For Whistleblowing

Fenaka terminated an employee for reportedly sharing information regarding the alleged corruption scandal.
During the transition process, it was discovered that Fenaka was passing out huge amounts of products to particular companies in the pretense of buying items for various purposes.
Fenaka is a state-owned company in charge of supplying power to most islands. A company was given millions of rufiyaa to renew the diesel tanks under the guise of maintenance and restoration. The Anti-Corruption Commission intervened after the project was exposed.
Later, it was revealed that Fenaka had engaged with a company over which Kibidhoo constituency MP Ahmed Naashiz has control to purchase supplies for sanitation and water delivery services. Such items cost approximately MVR 100 million to purchase.
It was also disclosed that millions of Rufiyaa were being dumped on the basis of a company belonging to one of the seniors to logistically carry products and that the company was being handed over to carry goods without being accounted for the bidding process.
All of these cases were uncovered using case-related documents. Following that, a vocal demand on social media was made for a probe into the corruption charges of Fenaka.
Yusuf Rameez, a senior officer in the company's logistics department, was fired after information on the Fenaka corruption charges came to light.
The dismissal letter said that he was fired for releasing confidential company information, disclosing company documents, publicizing, copying, recording, and enabling these activities via social media and other means.
Yoosuf Rameez, who shared the letter, tweeted on X that he had been fired from his work since the 2nd of May, accusing him of disclosing information relating to Fenaka's corruption.
While several corruption issues have surfaced in Fenaka, many employees are hesitant to share documents linked to these cases with the press. The company's management has taken strict action against them by identifying employees who disclose them through its information technology division.
Although a law protecting whistleblowers has been enacted to safeguard those who expose such corrupt activities and other ill-effects in government organizations and businesses, the protection it affords does not extend to those who do such acts.